About Us
The company was founded in 2009. Since its establishment, it has always adhered to the vision of "creating an enterprise, cultivating talents, and making contributions" to create a well-known brand of machinery and equipment. Our main business is the equipment manufacturing industry with the theme of "garment accessories". The main products are hangtag lock string production machinery, zipper pull production machinery, and other plastic products and other injection molding machinery. Among them, the hanging tag injection molding machine and zipper pull production machinery are domestic Hot-selling products outside.
Serve global customers
Continuously innovating and refining under the leadership of the core concept, we have successfully exported our successful production experience and supporting equipment to Bangladesh, India, Pakistan, Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and other countries, and gradually expanded our brand awareness and influence . We have the determination to become the industry leader, welcome you to join our team, let us create a better future together!
Plastic Seal String System
Intelligent industrial revolution
We rely on the well-known intelligent manufacturing system in Asia, the intelligent upgrade of the construction machinery industry, and drive the collaborative development of global intelligent manufacturing equipment companies. As a demonstration zone of “Industry 4.0” in China.
Zipper pull System
Quality changes the world
Breakthroughs in the production technology of automated zipper pull, and the never-ending innovation in technology have allowed companies to have patents and authorized numbers in the field of zipper pull production. A large number of awards. Quality changes the world, we are destined to explore the course of technology!

​Injection molding machines are widely used and have a bright future

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